Trying my hand at ‘Illuminati’ poetry

Today I am writing some terrible poetry inspired by the Illuminati, Karl Marx, and Percy Bysshe Shelley. 

Digital Conspiracy’ (Dedicated to James Randi)

Trapped in a web all alone
But we can roam in this cell -
Compact disc earth: the tapped phone
Eternal contract from hell!
It's a secret well-prattled, 
So no-one cares when you tell;
Man's soul was collateral --
Dark times; and brighter screens sell
Satan's Prometheus guise; 
Viral worms, software apples;
'Spartacus will equalize!' 
Yes: he made us his cattle.
Pyramid eye, sat that flies;
Tracked in-app GPS paths -
Once that bushwhacked mighty spies;
Nabbed in metadata traps.
It's not our first fall from grace,
Pray collapse to space not last --
Facing wrath for Lord's distaste;
Eden fled -- fire gleaned from asps:
With touchscreens, now we're made apes; 
Tweets shame men into oxen.
Old Nick's free reign to lay waste --
AOL-culture arson.
Einstein's said to find his maths 
Within 'The Secret Doctrine.'
Yet in Konenkova's ass? 
More likely -- though, how often?
Now the net is full of trash;
Putrid online Robespierres.
Swear the scent's a French rehash:
'Illuminés Bavière'.
When Catherine wrote Voltaire,
and Naglowska met J.E.
Why philosophy of terror?
What of Byron, Bysshe-Shelley?
Czarist Illuminati
Conjuring up Russian hacks. 
Lucifer's gloomed prophecies
His conspiracies are facts:
Who marched with ruined Nazis?
Jew hate, Gestapo, Fascists?
Swastikas, Theosophies?

Light-given flames. Man's ashes?
I am no Nostradamus, 
Please check my search history.
No mysteries of Faustus;
Will tech burn society?