Art War (Memes)

Here are some of the memes I’ve produced. While I try to keep my analyses as objective as possible, the ‘art war’ memes are complementary to the information warfare theme of the site and provide a creative outlet for satirical humor. I hope you don’t find any of them irrationally offensive or offensive irrationally.

Click on the graphic for a larger image, click on the link below for the appropriate research narrative (if applicable).

The Death of Daria Dugina
Bat Shit Crazy: A Russian Mission to Mars?
dickhead of state (хуйголова государства)
The War of the Words : Russian Information Warfare and 9/11 Conspiracism
James Randi: wicked witch of the East
Beria II: Russophobia as a strategic narrative?
Vlad Putin’s Third Rome Dracula
Michael Avenatti – Shamecrow : Master of the Social Fear of Shame
The Case of Cat Lady v. Frat Boy
Zany Komrades: Pyotr Verzilov and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova 
Primate Evils: The Root of All Art
Get Stormy: Is there a Trotskyist-Scientologist plot behind the Stormy Daniels case? 
The Black and White List (Karl Weinstein, founder of MarxIAm films – logo transparency)
Michael Moore : Bullshit Fraud
Ready-made for Chaos (Materialistic dialectics)
From Under Siege to Overweight : Steven Seagal Fat Assassin
The Fountain of Russian Culture by V.V. Poopin R. Mutt (1917 – 1999)
Steve Lazarides : Who is Banksy
A(n) RT (kind of) WAR : Voina (War) meets Pussy Riot and the Devil
Time of Glasnost (время гласности)
“Ivan the Testicle”; historically accurate Alt Right mascot
William Blake meets Mother Russia
Big, Red and Grotesque with 10 Horns (1547 x 1999px)
Harvey Weinstein as “Onan the Employer” (NC-17)
The Troll You Know: Knowing your troll is half the battle, kids.
The Deceiver of the Whole World
Alexander Dugin – Foundations of Geopolitics – The Geopolitical Future of Russia – 25th Anniversary Edition 
A long time to go and a fallacy from far away
The slight difference in Kylo (Кайло) and Khuylo (Хуйло́)
The DNA of Cobra’s poisonous Emperor
Mega Man RT
Comrade Trotsky’s Kremlin Fifth Column (KFC)