Art War (Memes)

Here are some of the various memes I’ve produced for the site. Steal these memes. Like the rest of this site, I don’t care if you steal it, I don’t do this for money. 

Click on the graphic for a larger image, click on the link below for the appropriate research narrative (if applicable).

Beria II: Russophobia as a strategic narrative?
Vlad Putin’s Third Rome Dracula
Maneater: From her fawning coverage in Veteran’s Today, to her anti-Saudi (if not anti-Muslim), pro-Syrian stance, to her alignment with Bernie Sanders’ Trotskyite positions, to her BJP connections, something’s fishy about Hawaii’s first shark Congressperson, Tulsi Gabbard. I think I might have found my new Michael Avenatti.
At this point, I am not even sure I can believe Michael Avenatti has dropped out of the 2020 race for the White House. (I’m just waiting for him to resurface now with a line of Irwin Mainway-like feminine hygiene products and teen sports bras. How about gameshow host? “Michael Avenatti’s One Billion Dollar Verdicts and Settlements Sucker Showcase” has a nice ring to it. )
They Go Low, Michael Avenatti Uppercuts a Lady? (Is Michael Avenatti really helping women and men fight on equal political terms?)
Michael Avenatti – Shamecrow : Master of the Social Fear of Shame
Why so Scurrilous? (or Cultural Archetypes – The Case of Cat Lady v. Frat Man)
Zany Komrades: Pyotr Verzilov and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova 
Primate Evils: The Root of All Art
Get Stormy: Is there a Scientology plot behind the Stormy Daniels case? Are Larry Flynt and the Jimmy Hoffa conspiracy people somehow involved?
The Black and White List (Karl Weinstein, founder of MarxIAm films – logo transparency)
HoffaCop: Jimmy Hoffa, pro-corporation and capital union leader – takes on the Communist Cultural Conspiracy Players (CCCP) of corrupt Detroit 
Michael Moore : Bullshit Fraud
Ready-made for Chaos (Materialistic dialectics)
The Fat Boys of Russian Propaganda
From Under Siege to Overweight : Steven Seagal Fat Assassin
The Fountain of Russian Culture by V.V. Poopin R. Mutt (1917 – 1999)
Steve Lazarides : Who is Banksy
Baba Maga (Granny Bony Arms): Madonna as a Russian Witch
The Art of Whores ; or A(n) RT (kind of) WAR : Voina (War) meets Pussy Riot and the Devil
Time of Glasnost (время гласности)
“Ivan the Testicle”; historically accurate Alt Right mascot
William Blake meets Mother Russia
Big, Red and Grotesque with 10 Horns (1547 x 1999px)
Harvey Weinstein as “Onan the Employer” (NC-17)
The Troll You Know: Knowing your troll is half the battle, kids.
Propaganda Games (Contemplations of the Blue Bomber)
Comrade Trotsky’s Kremlin Fifth Column (KFC)
Explicit Art
Devin Nunes : Farm Life