Donate to Fight Intolerance

In my research, time and time again, I have accidentally uncovered uncomfortable truths about religious bigotry and intolerance.

You can’t separate Orson Welles’ “The War of the Worlds” from the very real specter of the Nazis which he was radically opposed to, even if that opposition led him to become an agent of influence for foreign governments.

You have to appreciate Orson Welles’ very real and legitimate pain, even if you don’t agree with his politics and think he was manipulated by others via his personal beliefs.

Too often, the victims of what I found have been Jewish. From long before the time of Nostradamus, to the pogroms of the late 19th century (which spawned intentionally destabilizing waves of immigration into Europe), the Holocaust, and the aftermath of September 11, Jewish people have faced unjust persecution, with narratives often emerging from roots in “black” propaganda.

Today, in the form of Islamophobia, we see many wrongs which were once heaped upon Jews now used to persecute Muslims and demonize them. Like Jews of the late 19th century, now Muslims are being used as pawns to destabilize Europe. Sadly it is the same cultural players likely behind both instances, as you might learn by reading this blog.

Religious intolerance produces the very dangerous radicalism and alienation which it abhors. It is a self-feeding cycle of fear feeding on fear. We should tolerate religious intolerance as little as we ought to tolerate  political extremism in its varied forms.

I hope you will consider donating today to an organization like AJC which promotes religious tolerance not just for Jews but for all people. 

Don’t be afraid of the dark. Fight the fear.