Russian Active Measures and the Weaponized Suicide of Anthony Bourdain?

On the final aired episode of his CNN show Parts Unknown, the late Anthony Bourdain traveled to Bhutan with Darren Aronofsky. Introducing their trip, Bourdain said: “I’m here because of this guy, my friend, the film director Darren Aronofsky; fresh off the unjustifiably horrified reaction to what I think is his masterpiece: Mother.

There, notably, as Aronofsky later recounted, he and Bourdain had performed a “Bhutanese Death Ritual” in what Aronofsky described as an “ironic” reflection about his time spent with the late TV personality.

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Steve Lazarides on the Art War; or (Third) Romans go Home!

In the spirit of the ‘easy solve’ for Steve Lazarides as Banksy (I’m sorry, it’s just so obvious), I hadn’t initially watched his interview from 2014 on RT, although I used it as an image in the story. Having watched it now, I think it is very informative for the “Art War“. In fact,  the segment itself was literally dangled before commercial break as: “The Art of War – how Britain’s artists are taking politics to the street”. 

Come learn from the impoverished historical perspective of Professor Banksy Lazarides (but made much better by a possible Monty Python reference).

‘Power as a political message’ – Steve Lazarides on the street art revolution; Oct 8 2014 – Going Underground – RT (full episode, clip below)

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Baba Yaga the ‘Bony Leg(s)’ Russian Witch

As a kid, I read the book “Bony Legs” but did not pay much attention to it being based on the Russian witch archetype ‘Baba Yaga’ (I didn’t know it was a banned book either!!!). Baba Yaga literally means ‘Grandma bony legs’.

Baba Yaga may have parallels with pre-18th century feminist paganisms and she is noted as a dualistic figure who vacillates between good and evil. She is clearly an important figure in Russian folklore too from the 18th century onward; although it is unclear how much of that perspective was informed by prior mythical beliefs. The above link which seems like a credible book review of a history of Baba Yaga points out her interoperability with other witches in such tales.  

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The Art of Whores

‘The Art of Whores’; or ‘A(n) RT (kind of) WAR’ – Voina (War) meets Pussy Riot and the Devil

Doing some research lately on Voina and Pussy Riot.  Voina literally intends to create an “Art War”.  Now-expelled Voina member Pyotr Verzilov (the man in red) — an accused government informer — is married to current Pussy Riot member Nadezhda Tolokonnikova (woman in purple). Both appeared together in a public orgy, which the above image is taken from. Clearly it is my suspicion that some members of these organizations are working as assets of Russia’s non-linear warfare — possibly informed by the contemporaneous post-modern art theories of Vladislav Surkov.  Continue reading “The Art of Whores”

Secret Project Revolution: The Postfeminist Kabbalah Jihad

Roseanne Barr and Madonna Louise Ciccone (a.k.a. the pop star “Madonna”) have been two outspoken feminist and ‘postfeminist’ figures from the 1980s-present. At first blush, there does not appear to be a great symmetry between the pair – however there is actually a very strong parallel in their social networks and plausibly ‘communistic’ social activism as women artists.

While it is no surprise that feminists will often adopt leftist or Marxist critiques of power which emphasize the disruption of patriarchal gender norms –  it is interesting to note that both Roseanne and Madonna have currently adopted post-Soviet narratives regarding politics and the occult which are connected to modern Russian Information Warfare, underpinned by (apparently) past and present ‘communistic’ influences. This may give the social ‘performances’ of Americans Roseanne and Madonna strategic value to Russia parallel to the work of anti-establishment postmodern Russian groups like Voina (War) and Pussy Riot.

Roseanne Barr in ‘She Devil’ (1989)

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The New Age of Russia. Occult and Esoteric Dimensions Series: Studies on Language and Culture in Central and Eastern Europe (Book Download)

This looks like a strong addition to the library in regards to my theories applying Russian occultism and mysticism to current propaganda and information warfare campaigns, and you can download it in full below. I have not yet read this but recently acquired a similar book on Russian occultism edited by Bernice Glatzer Rosenthal which I am hoping will inform the blogging here.  I can see numerous references to the Orthodox ChurchNicholas Roerich and HP Blavatsky, which I’m looking forward to exploring. Continue reading “The New Age of Russia. Occult and Esoteric Dimensions Series: Studies on Language and Culture in Central and Eastern Europe (Book Download)”

Pepe the Frog, meet Ivan, the Testicle

And now, for something completely different… demonological cartooning.

In order to bring the alt-righters a better sense of historical accuracy in their mascots, I introduce “Ivan the Testicle” ;  he’s a hyper-masculine  advocate for Russian interests with a fur hat and baskets for shoes . As a lapotnik, he is not only backwards and uneducated; but he also literally makes lapti for a living.  An evil personification of the enslavement of the Russian people by their leaders’ manipulations of nationalist mythology and religion for political purposes.

Character Bio