Just 4 Kidz: Grade 8-10 Synthetic Counter-Narratives

The Troll You Know: Knowing your troll is half the battle, kids.

Episode 1: How similar is Vladimir Putin to Jesus?

Is Putin Really a Good Christian? A Closer Look
Vladimir Putin, the leader of Russia, says he’s a strong Christian and wants to protect Christian values. But if we compare what he does to what Jesus taught, some things don’t add up. It’s like saying you love pizza but then refusing to eat it!

Let’s investigate:

  1. Jesus was all about peace. Putin started a war.
    Jesus taught us to love our enemies and turn the other cheek. But Putin invaded Ukraine, causing lots of fighting and suffering. That’s the opposite of what Jesus would do!
  2. Jesus said to love everyone. Putin demonizes his opponents.
    Jesus said to love our neighbors, even if they’re different from us. But Putin calls his enemies “evil” and “satanic” to make people hate them. That’s not how Christians are supposed to act.
  3. Jesus valued truth. Putin spreads lies.
    Jesus always told the truth. But Putin’s government uses propaganda and fake news to trick people and hide what they’re really doing. That’s dishonest and goes against what Jesus taught.

So, what’s the deal?

It seems like Putin is using religion as a tool to get people on his side, not because he truly believes in Jesus’ teachings. He’s twisting Christianity to make his actions seem okay, even when they’re not.

What can we learn from this?

We should always be careful about leaders who use religion to justify violence or bad behavior. True Christians follow Jesus’ example of peace, love, and honesty – not war, hate, and lies. Don’t be fooled by fancy words. Pay attention to what people actually do!

Episode 2: The Russian Videos Targeting Joe Biden

Fake News Alert! Russia Tries to Trick US Voters Again
Ever seen a video online that seemed too crazy to be true? Well, sometimes those videos are made on purpose to trick you, especially during elections. That’s what’s happening right now with a video going around that says the US is secretly trying to help President Biden win.

This video shows a woman claiming to be a Ukrainian whistleblower who says she worked at a secret troll farm paid by the CIA to spread bad stuff about Biden’s opponent. But guess what? It’s all made up!

Experts say this video is fake news created by Russia, the same country that tried to mess with our elections before. They’re trying to cause trouble and make people fight with each other.

Here’s why we know it’s fake:

The woman in the video doesn’t exist! Her voice was created using a computer, kind of like a really good robot voice.

The CIA says they had nothing to do with it. They’re actually really angry that Russia is trying to blame them.

The video is only being shared on websites known for spreading lies and conspiracy theories.

So, why is Russia doing this?

Well, they don’t like America being strong, and they want to make us look bad so we get down in the mud with them and act just as bad as they do. They also want to cause confusion and make it harder for us to trust our own government.

What can you do?

Don’t believe everything you see online! Check where the video came from. Does it come from a trustworthy news source, or does it seem fishy? Talk to your teachers or parents if you’re not sure.

Remember, you have the power to spot fake news and stop it from spreading. By being smart and careful, you can help protect our elections and keep our democracy strong!