Seems Russia wants us to know Mohammed bin Salman as MBS

It is hard to look at the news today without finding some reference to Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman as ‘MBS’.  Of course it seems normal these days to think of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed as ‘KSM’; or to know Osama bin Laden as ‘OBL’ . (When I contributed to this analysis on MH 370 in March 2014, I wanted to refer to Zaharie Ahmad Shah as ‘ZAS’, but my collaborator discouraged it — perhaps sensing the loaded connotation that such a three letter name initialization of a Muslim associated with terror intentionally carried.)  It is clear that this ‘initialization’ is almost a form of labeling associated with fears about radical Islamic terrorism today.

Knowing that the case of Jamal Khashoggi’s murder seems to be connected 1.) to Saudi geopolitical struggles with Turkey, in 2.) the context of the Syrian Civil War, which is 3.) a proxy struggle that is propped up by diplomatic and military assistance from Russia and Iran; and that 4.) pro-Russian conspiracists who were connected to the most viral 9/11 conspiracies (which are anti-Saudi at core focusing on Osama bin Laden and Bush family connections to Saudi Arabia)  as well as ‘Syrian false flag’ chemical weapons narratives (in the Syrian Civil War period)  — are now using ‘MBS’ as a core of their 2001-like claims; I figured I should check it out.

“AT LAST the Beast of Riyadh, the Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman (AKA MBS) is getting unwanted American and worldwide attention for what he is really like, the young and ruthless power behind the throne of his stroke-ridden father, King Salman. Starting last year I began writing about MBS as a new and perhaps the most formidable candidate for Nostradamus’ Antichrist I’ve ever encountered since being on the trail for candidates since 1983… MBS is an evil beast but he’s your beast, Mr. and Mrs. America.” – John Hogue,

If you’re wondering who has fallen out with Assad and will be barrel bombed next — or just who the latest Syrian chemical weapons false flag is getting blamed on —  tune in to Coast to Coast AM with George Noory next time John Hogue visits and channels his Czarist Nostradamus.

It seemed almost blindingly obvious to me that John Hogue referring to MBS as a codeword for Nostradamus’ ‘third antichrist’ ‘Mabus’ was a renewed instance of the same kind of strategy which had been used to make Osama bin Laden to look like such a ‘third antichrist’ following the 9/11 (2001) attacks. (Hogue had the top selling book of the 9/11 timeframe and the subject was Nostradamus — he’d predicted Osama Bin Laden as Nostradamus’ ‘third antichrist’ since June 2001.)

Having had some experience with Google Trends to do quantitative analyses of keywords; as well as Google Search itself to assist in quantifying the volume of a topic on a given site as well as qualitatively analyze results, I decided to see if I could find where ‘MBS’ comes from. 

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The Shark and the Monkey: Hello Gabbard, Goodbye Avenatti, who will be the Wasserman(Schultz)’s Donkey?

For the purposes of this quick post, it is helpful that there is an African fable about a Shark and a Monkey; who are both liars and the moral of the story is you should trust neither one. (I have no problem with Debbie Wasserman Schultz, but the fable also relates to a ‘Washerman’s Donkey’ who is analogized as a fool which is a helpful analogy for a process seeking a nominee for the Democratic Party, and Tulsi Gabbard’s role within it.) Perhaps Michael Avenatti (our proverbial Monkey) has passed the torch of incendiary pro-Russian political strategy candidate to Tulsi Gabbard (our proverbial Hawaiian Shark). I hope so, she looks like a pretty easy target to destroy. 

Maneater: Something’s fishy about Hawaii’s first shark Congressperson, Tulsi Gabbard. I think I might have found my new Michael Avenatti.

I’m trying stay on top of the story that Gabbard has announced her likely foray into the 2020 field for the US Democratic Party presidential nominee. As such, I will also just quickly list the things which give me pause to date (that I am aware of) about her. 

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Just say no to John Kasich and Charlie Black in 2020

The traumatizing 2016 campaign flashbacks have already started. I’ve noticed that John Kasich’s name has come up somewhat frequently in discussions about a Trump 2020 primary challenge. (At least we can start this off with the victory of Michael Avenatti not being a candidate.) 

While you will now find me ‘defending’ Trump on the basis that ‘he is now driving the car and I don’t want him to crash it’, I don’t care for Kasich because (while I voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016) I was supporting Ted Cruz for the 2016 Republican nominee (and donated to him like I had Clinton). I supported Cruz, not because I like his platform so much as because I was deeply concerned about Trump’s rhetoric and connections to Russia. I saw Cruz as the most likely person to beat Trump in the 2016 Republican primary. Think what you will of Ted Cruz, there is no doubt he is a brilliant human being and surprisingly self-deprecating despite being somewhat sanctimonious. 

Clear case of the munchies for Governor Kasich. Takes a lot of energy to run a kayfabe. 

In the end, Kasich stayed in the race when he could no longer win, which sapped votes from Ted Cruz (who at that moment was the only Republican mathematically capable of beating Trump in the primaries). Kasich only bowed out when it was clear Cruz threw in the towel (although correlation does not necessarily mean causation). This clearly played to Trump (arguably along with ‘Lucifer’ rhetoric from Congressmen John Boehner R-OH and Peter King R-NY). For his part, it is clear that Trump viewed Cruz as a threat — giving him the sobriquet ‘Lyin Ted‘, critiquing the appearance of Cruz’ wife, and even going so far as to repeatedly implicate Cruz’s father in the JFK assassination by implying an apparently false association with Lee Harvey Oswald. (Note to self, associating political opponents with Lucifer is strong memetic conservative  politics. Just ask Russia, Ben Carson, and Hillary Clinton.)

“A vote for John Kasich is a vote for Donald Trump,”

– (not) Lyin’ Ted Cruz, March 2016

Despite Kasich coming across like any Republican soccer mom’s ideal candidate, you shouldn’t trust him. As the above passage shows, despite being an ‘anti-Trump’ candidate, his apparently moralistically narcissistic campaign behavior all but ensured Donald Trump became the nominee and aided a simultaneously all-out-political hit job on Ted Cruz . Was it more, and was Kasich’s campaign in cahoots with Paul Manafort or Roger Stone? 

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Trying my hand at ‘Illuminati’ poetry

Today I am writing some terrible poetry inspired by the Illuminati, Karl Marx, and Percy Bysshe Shelley. 

Digital Conspiracy’ (Dedicated to James Randi)

Trapped in a web all alone
But we can roam in this cell -
Compact disc earth: the tapped phone
Eternal contract from hell!
It's a secret well-prattled, 
So no-one cares when you tell;
Man's soul was collateral --
Dark times; and brighter screens sell
Satan's Prometheus guise; 
Viral worms, software apples;
'Spartacus will equalize!' 
Yes: he made us his cattle.
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Team America: The Case for a Four Party System and ‘Gerrymandering Centrism’

I was delighted to hear Secretary of State Mike Pompeo declare loud and clear that the US is building a “New Liberal World Order“. This is an important diplomatic step that America should take in order to reinforce the post-WW2 peace and in order to counter authoritarian interests. However, as previously blogged here, our domestic American culture is increasingly polarized by conspiratorial elements (e.g. “Pussies” (pseudo-Communists) and “Assholes” (pseudo-Fascists)) who are traceable to the influence operations of Russia and other authoritarian cultures. As a result, post-Soviet US politics has become increasingly divided along extremist lines, and American bipartisanship and ‘liberalism’ (in a “John Locke” sense) has all but disappeared.

Until we address our political mess at home and forthrightly take on some tough questions about how to curtail such influence without damaging constitutional protections for free speech,  I don’t see how this theoretically noble and necessary effort to re-entrench liberal power abroad can be credible or successful. Politically and mathematically, it seems to me that one of the best ways to ‘hack back’ against Russian political influence and force rational bipartisanship (without resorting to some kind of centrist authoritarianism in a three party system) would be to abandon the two party system in favor of a four party system which leads to the forced ‘gerrymandering of centrism’. (Maybe this is why the UK has gone this route.)

At the same time as polarizing conspiracism attributable to foreign authoritarian influence in America has increased, politics has become increasingly partisan, uncivil, and divisive. (image via Plos One)

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Hegelian Satan: Spartacus and Luciferian Prometheus as Revolutionary-Abolitionist Archetypes

(This represents a really rough draft which attempts to get at some of the ideals which underlie socialist radicalism through an examination of the parallels of historical literary figures: Prometheus, Spartacus, and various conceptions of the devil – especially those developed in Milton’s ‘Paradise Lost’ and Goethe’s ‘Faust I’ and ‘Faust II’. It might come across as a bit of a sequel to my prior paper on Marxist ideas in Dracula and their effect on modern conspiracism.)

‘Prometheus is the foremost saint and martyr in the philosopher’s calendar.’ – Karl Marx, Berlin March 1841

‘Spartacus is revealed as the most splendid fellow in the whole of ancient history. Great general (no Garibaldi), noble character, real representative of the ancient proletariat.’ – Karl Marx, Letter to Friedrich Engels 27 February 1861

Kirk Douglas as the slave-revolutionary Spartacus manacled to a rock in Stanley Kubrick’s and Dalton Trumbo’s 1960 film has been said to symbolically resemble Prometheus; the Titan who brought fire to man but was shackled and tormented by Zeus for his actions.


It has been said that “Prometheus plus Spartacus equals the starting point of Marxism” (Draper, 1971). Such a view however ignores the importance of what might be considered ‘Hegelian Satanism’. Despite sometimes being equated with Jesus, the idea of Prometheus as a hero to revolutionaries was deeply informed by prior ideas about Satan as the ‘hero’ of John Milton’s ‘Paradise Lost’ — and indeed also it has been said that “the merging of Prometheus and Satan was one of the crucial symbolic transformations” as it related to revolutionary thinking (Boss, 1991, p. 157).

Karl Marx (1818-1883) is also seen to have a deep attachment to Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s (1749-1832) ‘Faust’ plays/poems. The Goethe story – though distinct in its portrayal of the devil Mephistopheles — was likely influenced by a Miltonian view of Satan, and Goethe praised Milton’s conception even before he wrote his Faust part I.

Marx’ fixation on both the ‘benevolent’ Lucifer-Prometheus (that is, the lightbringer and fire-giver) archetype and the darker/sinister Faustian Mephistopheles (‘deciever-enslaver’) archetype who exchanges short term worldly power for eternal damnation in hell — may be the origins of a ‘Hegelian dialectic’ in Satanism. However, Marx may have been an innovator in simultaneously praising ‘both sides’ of Satan, he was far from the first ‘literary radical’ to idolize these figures in a revolutionary sense.

Marx’ hero Spartacus is symbolically similar figure as the ‘human Prometheus or Lucifer’ who, unlike the fallen angel or Titan instead rises up from his chains against authority for the proletariat but is eventually destroyed by his master (rather than resultantly shackled for his transgression). In addition, a classical interpretation of Spartacus by Plutarch claimed that prophetic signs declared that Spartacus “would have a great and terrible power which would end in misfortune“. In this sense, the idealized historical character of Spartacus – who leads his uprising against the Roman authority despite its foretold catastrophe – may be seen as a ‘synthesis’ of Lucifer-Prometheus (thesis) and Faustian Mephistopheles (antithesis) ‘Satanic hero’ archetypes which were popular among radical writers of the Romantic era. 

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Why Michael Avenatti should have earned a ban from Twitter by now

Stormy Daniels and Michael Avenatti are now feuding, and it seems this might very well be the end of their relationship. This seems related to Daniels’ complaint to the Daily Beast that Avenatti filed the Donald Trump defamation lawsuit without her consent (which she lost and was obligated to pay hefty legal fees on).

Additionally, Daniels complained that Avenatti obfuscated details of how more than $400k in crowdfunded monies raised for Daniels’ legal defense have been spent. In recent days, Avenatti started yet another crowdfunded campaign without Daniels’ consent (if anyone can believe her), using language which implied her intimate involvement (the campaign has apparently been suspended, although Avenatti’s tweet announcing it still persists at the time of this writing). (Update: this campaign and another by Avenatti related to migrant mothers and their children are under review.)

To top it off, this morning Avenatti was publicizing apparently passive aggressive ‘Streisand effect’-like news about his client, and about why his audience of close to 900k Twitter followers should “reserve judgement” about a police report which was filed against Stormy Daniels and her ex-husband by a gay couple who alleged homophobic slurs were levied at them in the course of a business dispute (one of Avenatti’s steadfast exes helpfully shared the actual article about it— and being from an obscure source — it isn’t likely people would have found the article or known of it otherwise). (Classy people, these Michael Avenatti clients and lady friends.)

While all of this is leaving the question up in the air of whether Daniels and Avenatti have turned on one another, and if his advocacy of her is done for good, it also has me asking if Michael Avenatti’s use of the Twitter platform to preempt a series of incendiary cultural/political debates about sex and race — not to mention his use of it for potential financial malfeasance – might be sufficient grounds for him to be banned there.

I had recently done a quick year-to-date Google Trends analysis of Michael Avenatti, which was unrelated to the Twitter question. Surprisingly however, it shows just how correlated public interest is in him with Twitter. I think this objectively demonstrates how essential the platform is to the enablement of his campaign of apparent lies, hate, and division.

Google Trends data about Michael Avenatti over the past year reveals quite a bit about his dependence on Twitter. (Click for large version.)

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Russian ARA San Juan Disinformation: Dredging Up Bad Feelings from the Falklands War

The Argentine submarine, ARA San Juan, which disappeared on November 15, 2017 was announced found on November 18, 2018 by the US oceanic survey company Ocean Infinity.  It was located several hundred miles from its last expected position, scattered in pieces and with a partially imploded tail, half a mile deep. The last official communications with the vessel indicated that the Captain reported a malfunction with its snorkel which caused the boat to take on water and may have resulted in an onboard fire in the battery compartment. Currently, Argentina is unsure if they will be able to recover the vessel as their navy does not possess the technological capability. Until the submarine is recovered it will probably be hard to determine what happened to it.

Confirmed resting place of the ARA San Juan — significantly north of the Falkland Islands and away from the expected location.

‘On the surface’ this tragedy at sea has had the appearance of vast international goodwill and cooperation to find the missing submarine. In addition to the resources of Argentina, the navies of the UK, the US, and even Russia provided resources to support the search. But specifically despite the apparent goodwill by Russia around the tragedy, it has left me wondering if Russia exploited the crisis with a disinformation campaign, or even had a role in the disappearance of the ship itself. Perhaps with the goal of salvaging communications or other intelligence from the craft (and drawing some possible parallels with the 2010 Smolensk crash and associated intelligence coup for Russia).  Continue reading “Russian ARA San Juan Disinformation: Dredging Up Bad Feelings from the Falklands War”

All you useful idiots should stop wringing your hands about Jamal Khashoggi

It is clear to date that Russia and its (even then) proxy Syria were involved in the promotion of the September 11. 2001-era conspiracy theories such as ‘4000 Jews Stayed Home on 9/11‘, and ‘Nostradamus predicted 9/11‘.

Today, it also seems increasingly likely (if not obvious) that Alex Jones of Infowarswho claims responsibility for starting the ‘False Flag’ conspiracy theory connected to the 9/11 attacks (in July 2001); and John Hogue — who had the top selling book of the 9/11 timeframe  (and had called out Osama Bin Laden as a candidate for Nostradamus’ “Third Antichrist” in June 2001), are proponents of conspiracy theory serving a Russian perspective.

Following careers launched by viral 9/11-era conspiracy theories, both Jones and Hogue seem to have openly embraced Russia and also paralleled Russian and Syrian lines on the so-called ‘chemical weapons false flag’ of the Syrian Civil War in the 2013-onward timeframe, which at various times attributed prohibited activities of the Syrian government to ‘Allied’/NATO nations, especially Israel and Saudi Arabia (using arguments that originated in Syrian and Russian state media).

It seems that similar mischief is afoot in the case of the ‘poorly disappeared’ Saudi expat journalist Jamal Khashoggi.  The apparent murder and cover up is not something we should be proud of or advocate, but we should stand by Saudi Arabia as our ally and the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman since this controversy’s amplified status may bear the fingerprints of Russian information operations and have implications for our mutual security.  Continue reading “All you useful idiots should stop wringing your hands about Jamal Khashoggi”

Paranoid Pattern Recognition? ‘Sexy Time’ Eastern European Influencers?

It was interesting to glean the identity of the woman Michael Avenatti allegedly attacked. It was Mareli Miniutti, a 24 year old apparent prostitute bit part actress and native of Estonia (legally married to a New Yorker named Michael Miniutti). She has been dating Avenatti since October 2017 and cohabiting in Century City California with him since January 2018. Their disagreement seems to have stemmed from Avenatti’s repeated inability to provide the financial security he had promised [Mareli] Miniutti as an apparent condition for their relationship. Documents filed by Miniutti substantiating the basis for the restraining order state that Avenatti “has made promises to “take care of” her financially and sometimes fails to follow through“, in addition to being “financially controlling” . Documents also seem to state that when Avenatti was unable to provide Miniutti with sugar daddy levels of security, he became “vehemently” opposed to her making money on her own.

Maybe we shouldn’t be so surprised that given Michael Avenatti’s tendency to stiff his landlords, business partnersand the IRS for small fortunes, he seems to have done the same to his lovely, young, unabashedly gold-digging, social climbing, Hollywood girlfriend?

The result of the financial argument appears to be that Avenatti was verbally aggressive (calling Miniutti an “ungrateful f****** b****“), hit her forcefully with pillows, and allegedly dragged her from bed which resulted in superficial scratches and bruising on Miniutti’s leg and side. The court documents around the restraining order allege this was not the first major fight between the two. 

Despite the split; I wonder how much she’s been influencing Michael Avenatti in his recent media efforts, if at all? Could she possibly be an ‘agent of influence’ herself? It looks kinda like the cases of Richard Spencer and George Papadapoulos to me, in which similar questions have been asked.

Red Sparrow? – Mareli Miniutti, a 24 year old native of Estonia is the Michael Avenatti domestic violence complainant. Bonus: In addition to being roughly half of Avenatti’s age (he is 47), she’s just 7-8 years older than his eldest daughter (who is 16 now). This makes it clear that as he says, he loves his daughters and this is a basis for why he would not ever strike a woman. But it seems indisputable that he would definitely not let age comparisons with his progeny prevent him from ‘hitting it’. Demonstrably, getting into frisky pillowfights, taking away cell phones, restricting ‘allowances’, social media access etc. can be a good parenting strategy. In the end, keeping a hot young Eastern European girlfriend in line is a lot like being the father to any teenage daughter, really. It’s about being fun but having a firm hand.

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