Paranoid Pattern Recognition? ‘Sexy Time’ Eastern European Influencers?

It was interesting to glean the identity of the woman Michael Avenatti allegedly attacked. It was Mareli Miniutti, a 24 year old apparent prostitute bit part actress and native of Estonia (legally married to a New Yorker named Michael Miniutti). She has been dating Avenatti since October 2017 and cohabiting in Century City California with him since January 2018. Their disagreement seems to have stemmed from Avenatti’s repeated inability to provide the financial security he had promised [Mareli] Miniutti as an apparent condition for their relationship. Documents filed by Miniutti substantiating the basis for the restraining order state that Avenatti “has made promises to “take care of” her financially and sometimes fails to follow through“, in addition to being “financially controlling” . Documents also seem to state that when Avenatti was unable to provide Miniutti with sugar daddy levels of security, he became “vehemently” opposed to her making money on her own.

Maybe we shouldn’t be so surprised that given Michael Avenatti’s tendency to stiff his landlords, business partnersand the IRS for small fortunes, he seems to have done the same to his lovely, young, unabashedly gold-digging, social climbing, Hollywood girlfriend?

The result of the financial argument appears to be that Avenatti was verbally aggressive (calling Miniutti an “ungrateful f****** b****“), hit her forcefully with pillows, and allegedly dragged her from bed which resulted in superficial scratches and bruising on Miniutti’s leg and side. The court documents around the restraining order allege this was not the first major fight between the two. 

Despite the split; I wonder how much she’s been influencing Michael Avenatti in his recent media efforts, if at all? Could she possibly be an ‘agent of influence’ herself? It looks kinda like the cases of Richard Spencer and George Papadapoulos to me, in which similar questions have been asked.

Red Sparrow? – Mareli Miniutti, a 24 year old native of Estonia is the Michael Avenatti domestic violence complainant. Bonus: In addition to being roughly half of Avenatti’s age (he is 47), she’s just 7-8 years older than his eldest daughter (who is 16 now). This makes it clear that as he says, he loves his daughters and this is a basis for why he would not ever strike a woman. But it seems indisputable that he would definitely not let age comparisons with his progeny prevent him from ‘hitting it’. Demonstrably, getting into frisky pillowfights, taking away cell phones, restricting ‘allowances’, social media access etc. can be a good parenting strategy. In the end, keeping a hot young Eastern European girlfriend in line is a lot like being the father to any teenage daughter, really. It’s about being fun but having a firm hand.

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Alt-Right Conservative Active Measures II – or: When They Go Low, Mike Avenatti Uppercuts a Lady?

I am not sure what to say about the Michael Avenatti domestic violence arrest. It is the kind of surreal schadenfreude normally reserved for happy dreams that you long for when you wake up; yet, it is all real (in the press anyway). However, I am fairly certain that regardless of whether it ends up being an increasingly common right wing political hoax — which would seem strategically intended to disprove Avenatti’s ‘believe all survivors‘ narrative — or if in fact he did commit felony domestic violence as the LAPD alleges — it is guaranteed to be ironic and damaging for Michael’s brand (and totally in line with the many ‘plagues’ which have befallen him of late for his apparent hubris). In the end, the Michael Avenatti case will prove either 1.) that all accusers cannot be believed and/or 2.) that Michael Avenatti is a dangerous advocate for women and a hypocrite.

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The 666 Mindvirus Part II: A Russian Orthodox Connection

One of the 1990s conspiracy theories which I recall hearing about in popular media and internet lore is that of the ‘Beast Computer’. The 1998 track ‘Information‘ off the (Wu-Tang-Clan affiliate) Killah Priest album ‘Heavy Mental‘ might be the best popular cultural example which I can to point to that may reflect this kind of thinking.  (Much like the RATM canon artistically it’s not a bad album IMHO and I like the sound, although it is chock full of anti-Americanism. Just be sure to enjoy the lyrics critically from a strategic perspective as they probably relate to a legacy of disinformation.)

It is apparent that the track captures an online premillennialist zeitgeist of  apocalyptic / popular eschatological concepts. I think this strongly represents the late 90’s online anti-American conspiracy thinking which accompanied such ‘viruses of the mind‘ as ‘Nostradamus‘ and ‘Bill Gates 666 Disinformation‘ and are likely traceable to Russian active measures activity (see also, ‘False Flag‘). Specifically, for the purposes of this post, the ‘Information‘ track mentions the idea of a ‘Beast Computer’ within the context of anti-CIA/NSA sentiment, anti-semitism, anti-capitalism, and even cyberspace (lyrics). The controversy surrounding the so called ‘Beast Computer of Belgium’ is in fact cited in the context of a 1998 ‘mind virus’ as well which is specific to Russia, but the conspiracy has been associated with Russian Orthodoxy overseas since at least 1982. Continue reading “The 666 Mindvirus Part II: A Russian Orthodox Connection”

Bill Gates 666 Disinformation: Russian Fingerprints of a Mind Metavirus?

Much like the fabricated Nostradamus emails, usegroup posts, and text messages which flooded the internet following the September 11, 2001 terror attacks and are seemingly attributable to Russia,  I recalled a similarly viral chain of disinformation from earlier in the 1990s. Lets call these fairly transparent conspiracies: ‘Bill Gates 666 disinformation’ (a good debunking can be found here).

This 1990s online chain mail format of disinformation – as evident in the Nostradamus case – appears to me to be a direct predecessor of the ‘media outlet-based’ online conspiracy theories which are seemingly emergent from Russian and Syrian information networks today.

Bill Gates: Not the Antichrist (Reuters)

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Dear Lord, Please let this is be the end of Michael Avenatti

In the course of capitalizing on an idea to develop the prior profile of Michael Avenatti as ‘Shamecrow’ which I felt complemented his representation of ‘Joker Julie’ (alias: ‘Cat Lady’) in the ‘D.C. Politics Universe’, I’d initially created a crude satirizing image of him in terms of ‘simianization’ – a form of cultural bigotry which dehumanizes racial ‘others’ through a caricature-like portrayal in terms of ape-like features. Simianization has been used to demean people of African descent, Asians, and even the Irish. 

I honestly felt the image was probably too controversial – or at least not appropriately controversial – a couple of weeks ago (in essence I thought the pussies would take improper offense and the assholes would like it for the wrong reasons). So I removed it from an early draft of the blog. But please, enjoy it now. It is officially appropriately controversial now.

Stepping on his own peel: Michael Avenatti finally crossed the line with his white privilege

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Team America: Our Politics is Full of Polarizing Influence From Pussies and Assholes

It can be hard to make sense of the world today, but once again, I think ‘Team America World Police’ offers great wisdom for our democracy.

Seriously though, it seems that our politics are now unarguably an extension of the 19th and 20th century Russian revolutionary disinformation which springs from Russian Tsarists (who spread fascism, Aryanism, and Anti-Semitism); and their conflicts with Russian Bolsheviks (who spread communism, Marxism, and anti-capitalism). Russia seemed to control ‘both sides’ of extremist political discourse in the run up to World War II and it seems they may do so again.

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Rhetoric: Michael Avenatti is a Laughable, Privileged White Man who Should be Ashamed. Women Deserve Better.

Michael Avenatti is now having to deflect considerable criticism from both Democrats and Republicans that his actions around his representation of Julie Swetnick indirectly aided Brett Kavanaugh’s eventual ascendancy to the Supreme Court. While Avenatti has stood steadfastly by Swetnick, she has generally been eviscerated under public scrutiny. It is suggested that Avenatti’s actions in recklessly representing the flawed Swetnick and trying to grab the political spotlight for himself resulted in taking focus off of the more credible claims of Christine Blasey Ford and Deborah Ramirez, allowing Republicans to focus on the ‘straw man’ of Swetnick’s weak character as a public figure. It seems in this case, that his tactics of social shaming rhetoric have backfired, perhaps permanently damaging his political standing.

Michael Avenatti – Shamecrow : Master of the Social Fear of Shame

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Michael Avenatti and Dan Moldea vs. Nominee Brett Kavanaugh : The Muddy Wheelchair Tracks of Larry Flynt?

Michael Avenatti (who has strong Democratic establishment connections via his early work with Rahm Emanuel’s political opposition research group) is now representing the fairly dubious Julie Swetnick regarding her self-incriminating claims about early 1980’s sexual impropriety allegedly committed by Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Here’s Julie!

I also just found that over the past month, Larry Flynt’s investigator Dan Moldea has been connecting with the press as well in the context of work Kavanaugh had done on Kenneth Starr’s Independent Counsel investigation into Bill Clinton — where Flynt and Moldea had come to Clinton’s rescue. In this case, Moldea is arguing not for a sex scandal (although his argument does derive from one), but for a lack of ethics regarding Clinton-era press leaks as being grounds for why Kavanaugh’s nomination should be questioned.

Here I find it important to point out that Moldea is basically the ‘standard bearer’ of the promotion of modern anti-conservative ‘Jimmy Hoffa’ conspiracy theories which emerged directly from Trotskyist-Communist labor narratives from the HUAC era and the Minneapolis Teamsters Strike of the 1930’s. Otherwise I think you might be able to chalk a lot of this up to harmless politics — when it may not actually be so. It creates a potential ‘Russian propaganda’ connection among the attempts to assail Judge Kavanaugh, and brings the story in line with the scope of this blog. Continue reading “Michael Avenatti and Dan Moldea vs. Nominee Brett Kavanaugh : The Muddy Wheelchair Tracks of Larry Flynt?”

Michael Moore is Warning About Another ‘Reichstag Fire’

Much like Alex Jones’ pre-9/11 claims which indicated the government was planning a ‘false flag’, or John Hogue’s pre-9/11 claims that Nostradamus had predicted that Osama Bin Laden was the ‘Third Antichrist’ in a way which may suggest influence by Russian information channels — Michael Moore has a history of proposing ‘false flag’-style conspiracies perpetuated by the US Government which may be similarly influenced. In this vein, I’ve already covered how ‘Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11 served a Russian propaganda narrative’ (it is worth noting that his 1995 flop Canadian Bacon explored similar ‘false flag’ themes).

Appearing on MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews on September 18 2018 to promote his new anti-fascist documentary Fahrenheit 11/9 (which released as a ‘flop’ on its opening weekend), Moore claimed that America is in for a new ‘false flag’ crisis which Donald Trump would use to curtail civil liberties in a fashion similar to the ‘Reichstag fire’; which was a 1933 crisis in Germany which brought the Nazi government to power.

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Back to Back on Larry King’s RT Show: Michael Avenatti and ‘Scientology’s Congressman’ David Jolly

In February 2018, YouTube started listing that ‘RT is funded in whole or in part by the Russian government on videos posted to RT’s YouTube channel. This change seems to be the consequence of attempts at enforcement of FARA-style regulation on social media in an attempt to curb the effects of state sponsored propaganda narratives. It also seems to be related to the near-unanimous assessment of the intelligence community as released in January 2017 that RT had been used as a malign influence vehicle for the Russian government campaign to subvert the 2016 US Presidential election.

Apparently, these findings were no ethical deterrent for the “Nostradamus of the legal scene”, Michael Avenatti – attorney for Stormy Daniels (aka Stephanie Clifford) – to appear on Larry King’s RT show on April 12, 2018 to make the case why he felt that it was common sense that former Trump attorney Michael Cohen would “roll over”; and that Cohen’s actions related to Stormy Daniels could lead to impeachment, or otherwise “end very, very badly” for the President.

In a back-to-back segment on the same program, Larry King also hosted former Congressman David Jolly (R-FL Pinellas). Jolly spoke on the matter of Paul Ryan’s announcement that he would not be seeking reelection (he had no on-air time with Avenatti, and the topics – although not necessarily the impeachment-orientated subject matter – of the discussions were different).

What do you get when the Jimmy Hoffa conspiracy people get together with the Scientologists? (I think you might ‘Get Stormy’.)

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