Pyotr Verzilov ‘Poisoning’: Can You Trust This Guy?

Pyotr Verzilov, member of Voina and recently divorced husband of Pussy Riot’s Nadezhda Tolokonnikova was (most likely) poisoned in a “non life threatening” manner and transported from Russia to Berlin, giving the Russian-Canadian artist a striking public parallel in the press with the notable poisonings of dissident figures like Alexander Litvinenko, Vladimir Kara Murza, and Sergei Skripal. No doubt this will have a lot of media trying to interview him, give him attention, etc.

However, I still advise caution about Verzilov who is noted by members of his former art group Voina as a “dexterous deceiver” “occupied with self-promotion”; and is accused of ratting out several members of the group to police, as well as subverting other anarchist-dissident movements. This could easily be a ploy for sympathy or relevance; as much as it could be some kind of Russian intelligence ruse; or even the work of an honest Russian nationalist who doesn’t get that Verzilov is possibly ‘one of their boys’.

Boris and Natasha? Pyotr and Nadezhda?

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The Passion of the Carrey, or: The Resurrecting Art Which Will Not Die

I recently critiqued Jim Carrey in the context of his mercury-based vaccine conspiracism which seems connected to 1980’s Soviet propaganda; as well as his positioning relative to the legacy of Hollywood’s Popular Front and right-left conspiracism as I see it as a factor in modern Russian information warfare. Today, I am going to delve specifically into Carrey’s career as an artist since 2011 which I only briefly discussed in the prior essay. I believe the analysis strongly supports my prior observations – but also highlights an interesting recurring theme of Carrey’s presumable mental health related to messianic tendencies (I suggest you do not call him ‘JC’ if you meet him in order to minimize this).

It seems that internet audiences were only recently introduced to Carrey’s art in the context of the short documentary – I Needed Color (which since its release in August 2017 has got over 6 million views at the below Vimeo link). It’s no F for Fake, but it’s worth watching to get a sense for the artistic ‘Passion of the Carrey’.

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Opinion II: The Return of John Wayne, or: Is This Anti-Fascist Socialized Medicine?

I saw that Jim Carrey advocated for glorious “socialism” the other day . To be honest, as a cancer survivor, I am not opposed to the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. Obamacare). But knowing Carrey’s reputation as an advocate for the idea that vaccines cause autism, my honest first thought was ‘what kind of socialism is it where your medical system doesn’t provide vaccinations?’. I wasn’t really that familiar with this particular ‘brand’ of conspiracism but ‘vaccine truth’ had the ring of Soviet or Russian disinformation to me (much like ‘water fluoridation conspiracism’), so I dug into it a little.

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Preview: Active Measures Documentary

There is a new documentary called “Active Measures” coming out about Trump and Russia on August 31; I took notice of it since it is being distributed by the same company that distributed Anthony Bourdain’s documentary, “Wasted: The Story of Food Waste” (Super LTD films). It will be interesting to see if it is any good, since this is apparently the first documentary made by the studio ‘Shooting Films‘ (SF). Certainly I am very interested in active measures myself.

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Jimmy Hoffa : Enemy of Trotskyites?

With Labor Day on the horizon, I thought it would be a good time to revisit the ‘urban legends’ which surround the July 30, 1975 disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa as the byproduct of possible influence operations. While there is generally strong agreement that the mob was responsible for Hoffa’s vanishing, there are also many conspiracy theories which have linked Hoffa posthumously to both the John F. Kennedy (JFK) and Robert F. Kennedy (RFK) assassinations.

Taking the knowledge that certain aspects of conspiracy which surround the JFK assassination narrative as presented in films like Oliver Stone’s JFK are the result of Soviet disinformation operations, here we will look at the apparent origins of the Hoffa narratives and how they might follow similar contours. In the end, the most popular conceptions of Hoffa as we know him today seem linked to Trotskyites and other radical writers. Notably, the narratives have most strongly emerged from a network of writers who are very close to Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt.

Jimmy Hoffa, working for New Detroit Inc.; back to clean up the commie scum

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Opinion: John Wayne was Correct about Russian Narrative Influence

Hopefully this site has provided you with good information about the fruits of what Dwight D. Eisenhower called “the psychological strategists of Communism”I don’t write a lot of opinion (I meme that usually) but I have done a lot of research on Russian disinformation which entitles me to offer my take on what is going on and what we ought to do about it. 

Today, I’m going to start off by remembering screen legend John Wayne as another person who was correct about the threat strategic Communist narratives posed to our psyche as Americans.  Check out the below 1974 video where Wayne talks about the state of Hollywood during the years of the blacklists and makes his position clear.

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Michael Moore’s ‘Fahrenheit 9/11’ Served a Russian Propaganda Narrative

Today, I’m continuing my ‘fact shaming‘ series (see part 1 here), and I’m going to talk about Michael Moore. Moore’s newest documentary: Fahrenheit 11/9 is coming out on September 21 and I think this is a great time to point out why Moore’s prior films (especially Fahrenheit 9/11) serve ‘communistic’ and/or Russian propaganda interests. One can expect this latest entry from the Russian propaganda ‘fat boy’ will be no different.

Michael Moore: Bullshit Fraud

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The Fat Boys of Russian Propaganda

I’m sick and tired of these liars: (L-R) Michael Moore, Steven Seagal, and Alex Jones

Having a little fun with the observation that overeating is an apparent common side effect of being a Russian propagandist (just ask Orson Welles and Harvey Weinstein).

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From ‘Under Siege’ to Overweight: Fact Shaming Russian Dupe Steven Seagal

In case you missed the big news, Steven Seagal ‘defected’ from the US to Russia several years ago and was granted citizenship by Presidential decree of Vladimir Putin. In August 2018, Seagal has just been named by Putin as Russia’s special representative” on “humanitarian” efforts in the “culture, public, and youth exchanges” with the USA. Today, I am going to make fun of him for being a fat dupe of Russia.

Steven Seagal : Fu Man Chump

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Dario Argento’s ‘The Church’ and The Teutonic Knights of Russian Propaganda

In an effort to expand my understanding of the film-making of Dario Argento,  last evening I watched an Argento-produced-and-written film called The Church (or La Chiesa). It was directed by Michele Soavi, who has been a long-time assistant to Argento, and who is noted for taking inspiration from Sergei Eisenstein and Orson Welles – in addition to his mentor Argento.

Graphic for the Dario Argento produced and written Giallo (‘yellow’) film ‘The Church’ (La Chiesa). If you saw the Italian title first and then watched the movie in English, you could be forgiven for thinking that La Chiesa might translate as ‘The Cheese’.

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