A Photo of Banksy?

Steve Lazarides, my top suspect for the true identity of Banksy – who ironically has made a fortune through a capitalist commodification of a communist propaganda aesthetic (and populist political sentiment) – has been in the news again.

Lazarides recently quit his gallery business as well as released some new photos of his time with Banksy in a lead up to a new book being published called ‘Banksy Captured’. Personally, I still think this is a weak hoax which appeals to people’s (Marvel) superhero fantasies and has no other common sense explanation for the finances of the whole matter except that Lazarides is actually Banksy himself.

May be nothing – but it does seem that the most prominent skin defects on the claimed picture of Banksy and pictures of Steve Lazarides over the year are semi-consistent in terms of shape and location.

Nostradamus Disinformation in North Macedonia fits a (Russian) Orthodox Fundamentalist Modus Operandi

In the course of writing a conference paper, I accidentally found another surprising example of Nostradamus disinformation. In this case, I was reviewing 2019 Google Trends data (looking for Nostradamus interest related to the Notre Dame fire – or expecting to find that anyway) and found that North Macedonia was one of the highest areas for Nostradamus interest in 2019.

The biggest worldwide spike in Nostradamus interest since November 2016 (any guesses on Russian active measures centered on November 2016?) occurred following the Notre Dame fire on April 15, 2019. However, unlike most other regions which spiked in interest in mid-April, the North Macedonian spike occurred in early May. It seems to have been directly tied to Pope Francis’ visit to North Macedonia and Bulgaria and included an implicit assassination ‘threat’.

Worldwide 4/1/2019 – 7/1/2019:

North Macedonia  4/1/2019 – 7/1/2019:

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Russian Apocalyptic Conspiracism and Chernobyl

Once again, my self-imposed moratorium on Nostradamus conspiracy writing has failed, and on that note, I am back with another post touching on Nostradamus conspiracies as they relate to Russian active measures and Third Rome-style apocalypticism.

As a bit of an update to my prior posts (1 , 2), the Nostradamus conspiracies which circulated in the wake of the Notre Dame fire reeked of Russian conspiracism, and as it turns out, writers at the Financial Times have henceforth made a direct connection with Notre Dame (if not Nostradamus) conspiracism to that of Moscow, the Third Rome.

Today however, moving away from the Notre Dame fire, I am going to write a bit about the conspiracy theories which surrounded the April 26, 1986 nuclear disaster at Chernobyl, which also occur within the context of Third Rome. I was intrigued to see that in an article about the new HBO-Sky Atlantic show: Chernobyl, that one of the actors (a Brit) recalled a conspiracy theory about Nostradamus predicting the disaster that had circulated in 1986.

“There was a weird conspiracy theory about Nostradamus. Something to do with ‘Wormwood’. Apparently it translated into Russian somehow and [Nostradamus] predicted it. People come up with all sorts of crazy things when things like that happen.” – Jared Harris, Actor

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What can disinformation and anti-American conspiracy theories tell us about TWA flight 800?

There are many conspiracy theories which surround the TWA flight 800 disaster of July 17, 1996. Chief among these narratives seems to be the notions that the plane was shot down by a missile – and then covered up by the US national security apparatus; or that even the missile itself came from a US Navy training exercise gone awry.

Today, with the accumulation of quality investigative research about the crash, and the similar patterns which have emerged in internet-based conspiracy theory since 1996, it seems fairly easy to connect the TWA flight 800 conspiracy theories as emerging from similar strategic disinformation networks responsible for September 11 2001, Syrian Civil War/ISIS, and 2016 ‘election hacking’ conspiracy theories (among others).

From RT, to Veterans Today, to Infowars, to GlobalResearch, to UNZ, to the network of Mark Lane-connected L. Fletcher Prouty, and no doubt many lesser known outlets for conspiracism – there is a clear trend which emerges of information warfare around TWA Flight 800 that is connected to an Iranian and Russian/Soviet disinformation legacy. Despite their variations, in all cases, these narratives seem to be calculated to diminish faith and trust in the US government.

Perhaps the best place to start to explain this rationale is by demonstrating Russian proxy Iran’s semi-transparent motivations for creating a controversy around the TWA flight 800 disaster, which can be most plausibly found in reciprocation for the 1988 shootdown of Iran Air flight 655 on July 3, 1988 by the USS Vincennes cruiser. The US Navy ship mistakenly shot down an Iranian civilian Airbus A300 airliner from within Iran’s territorial waters in a case of mistaken identity, resulting in the deaths of 290 passengers – a majority of them Iranian. In Iran, this action had significant propaganda value and it has been generally portrayed as an intentional act by Americans, although there is little rational evidence to support this perspective.

Iranian stamp commemorating Iran Air flight 655 as state propaganda

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Google Trends Spike in Nostradamus Related to Notre Dame Fire

A very brief update to complement my prior post of 4/20/2019.

My research has often relied on the use of webometric data like Google Trends in order to show quantifiable evidence that Nostradamus interest ‘spikes’ during periods of probable Russian Active Measures. (See my most recent and comprehensive report on the subject here.) There have been such spikes during the 9/11 terror attacks (2001), during the April 2010 crisis surrounding the crash of the Polish executive government in Smolensk Russia, during the February-March 2014 Russian invasion of the Ukrainian Crimea, and during the ISIS-fueled Syrian migrant crisis of August-September 2015 in Hungary. All of  these events could be correlated to Russian Active Measures operations.

As you can see from the following representation, we are currently in the midst (of a likely subsiding) worldwide spike in Nostradamus interest related to the Notre Dame fire.

In the past 5 years, there have been similar spikes only in the case of the November 2015 Paris terror attacks (which were correlated to searches for ISIS (2) ), and in the November 2016 US Presidential election.

Based on what I’ve studied, I’d feel fairly confident to ascertain that Russia is also most likely behind this spike in Nostradamus interest as well. The question is: is Russia just opportunistically capitalizing on the Notre Dame fire?

The Notre Dame Fire and Nostradamus Conspiracism: Don’t Forget the Name or Russia

So my self-imposed ban on Nostradamus writing hasn’t lasted a single posting cycle. (If you haven’t read my recent peer-reviewed report, check it out here.)

In the past week, the tragic fire which severely damaged Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris was linked to numerous instances of conspiracy theorizing; especially that it had been a deliberate arson or some kind of Islamist plot. Given France’s recent history of terrorism, such claims had surface plausibility. However, it seems at this time that those rumors are not true; or at least that those who continue to believe they are true will result in having themselves labeled conspiracists.

Interestingly however, the inferno happened to spawn another wave of viral Nostradamus hoaxes which can be traced indirectly to Russian influences.

Julian Assange compared to the Salvator Mundi by Nostradamus conspiracists in the aftermath of the Notre Dame fire (perhaps it is actually a picture of Judas Iscariot?)

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Russian Information Warfare and 9/11 Conspiracism: When Fake News Meets False Prophecy

I was proud to be invited to contribute a chapter to Prof. Muhammad Sarfraz’ recent edited book: ‘Developments in Information Security and Cybernetic Wars‘, entitled ‘Russian Information Warfare and 9/11 Conspiracism: When Fake News Meets False Prophecy‘.

The invitation to contribute was resultant from my participation in the 2017 International Journal of Cyber Warfare and Terrorism (IJCWT). My chapter incorporates revised content from the site here at N01R on Russian Apocalypticism, Syrian Chemical Weapons False Flag Hoaxes, Orson Welles’ Cambridge Five Connections,  and Google Trends Nostradamus ‘Spikes’. I even snuck my Conspiracy Model in the paper (which I also delivered as a poster at the ICCWS conference in 2018).

As such, the chapter represents the ‘Magnum Opus’ of my Nostradamus conspiracy research, which to be honest, I truly hope will represent the last time I write formally about this generally dreadful subject.

However, were I to delve into this subject again, I would certainly highlight Alex Jones’ connections to the Lyndon Larouche movement (see also Webster Tarpley) (1) and how that legacy of False Flag conspiracism is connected to a clear history of Marxist-Trotskyist thought, and how that connects to modern anti-Semitism, as well as Iranian and Duginesque geopolitics. (Aside from that take by the venerable leftist Louis Proyect (1), check out a similar 1984 perspective on Larouche from the conservative Heritage Foundation which painted him as a Russian disinformation asset.)

I would also highlight Giulietto Chiesa’s ‘Zero’ documentary which aired on Russian state media near the 7 year anniversary of 9/11, and how this links 1999 Moscow Apartment Bombings conspiracism beyond Russian apocalypticism to the 2001-era 9/11 conspiracy theories.

Please download the paper/chapter which is available here per the publisher’s fair use policy: Russian-Information-Warfare-and-9_11-Conspiracism_-When-Fake-News-Meets-False-Prophecy

Distancing my ‘Illuminati’ Poem from all the Recent Cell Phone Conspiracism and Disinformation Attributable to Russia

A couple months ago I wrote an ‘Illuminati poem‘ to encapsulate some feelings I had about how the online world is used to spread conspiracy theories.

The poem was sort of an honest reflection on the idea that despite increases in technology which would purport to bring us closer – these technologies can actually drive us apart. Despite better access to scientific knowledge – people consume conspiracy thinking on their computerized devices which is anything but scientific.

While ‘The Illuminati’ of Bavaria sought to better man ostensibly, their methods and those of later Communists were often overtly – and intentionally – “Satanic”. Russia seems to have both influenced the rise of Nazi fascism and fought against them by promoting deep anti-fascism through their Comintern fronts and cutouts.

Sergei Nilius’ Russian Orthodox and Okhrana-connected forgery “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” is specifically related to ‘antichrist‘. Despite ‘The Protocols’ being Tsarist, they were leveraged by the Soviets. In addition to this kind of anti-Semitism being a clear influence on the Nazis, the Gestapo modeled themselves on the Soviet Cheka (Okhrana successor in communist Russia) and later collaborated with the Cheka’s successor, the NKVD before and during the Molotov-Ribbentrop era. The Nazi’s race theories were derivative from the Tsarist intelligence movement Theosophy — and they even took the Swastika from Theosophy in all likelihood.

That these movements are in large part attributable to Russia should give anyone who gives such ideas credence, some pause.

The name of the poem itself: “Digital Conspiracy” was a reflection on Hegelian dialectic in a sense: and how 0’s and 1’s might as well represent extremes of a political left and right. How an ignorant flat earth mentality exists within such a modern dialectic spectrum as well (“Compact disc earth : the tapped phone, eternal contract from hell!“). How — like the Illuminati of the 18th century — it seems apparent that those who push these ideas may claim they are advocating for the advancement of humanity and society, but they are actually driving it towards a possible destruction.

The poem also attempts to go to lengths to relate Russia’s ‘playing of both sides’ especially within the context of anti-Semitism and Nazism; and how that may also relate to our present online condition. How the fruits of such supposedly ‘Promethean’ humanist movements and influence operations may lead to technologies which may ultimately be used against humanity (“light given flames – man’s ashes”?).

I’m not a deeply religious person, though I do believe in God and monotheism. I don’t believe God is responsible for just the good things – but also the bad things that happen too. It is all part of the plan in such a view. If it were not so, God would not be ‘omnipotent’. That said, especially within the context of the widely schismatic nature of our global religions — I have a hard time understanding how anyone can so passionately feel the church/religion they are born into (or come to join), or the nation they live in, or any aspect of politics/birthright can be seen as a ‘one true way’. Earth is a shared community we live in, and we have to accept our neighbors. We have to accept the good with the bad as well when it comes to the imperfection of our own existences. It is the whole of us which is humanity, not any one of us.

The world we live in is complex. It is a blend of perspectives, shades of gray — 0’s and 1’s together — not just one or the other. I feel that people need to realize this and make conscious decisions to accept wholeness of our reality. There is no atom without both electrons (,neutrons) and protons, afterall. The clear attempt to divide by extremes (or ‘Schizowarfare’) in a technological context is what I mean by “digital conspiracy”.

To me, ‘Satanism’ is an attempt to split this natural wholeness (call it ‘Tao’ if you will) into constituent parts which may be used for some entity, group, or person to withhold a perspective of complexity and exert control over groups of people. To promise both groups everything perfect which cannot possibly be so. To even try is the path to destruction.

Today in the online world, I see this approach largely done through the kind of ignorance which is reflected in the conspiratorial political perspectives of the extreme left and right. I see these activities as primarily being attributable to Russian influence.

I also tried to make the case that technology like rockets, nukes, and cell phones are those kind of knowledges which will eventually take us from the ‘Eden’ of earth into the stars someday. Given that these technologies are in some ways relatable to Nazis/WW2 tech, political ignorance, and malign influence, they can sort of be effectively related to an embrace of sin analogous to man falling from the grace of God and leaving the allegorical garden of innocence in the poem.

It is a metaphorical, rather than literal interpretation of how technology corrupts us.

Our use of technology doesn’t necessarily have to be so, although I do believe that if these entities are continually improperly utilized and managed, there is little argument that they could lead to our destruction as a species. It also seems quite possible that there has been at least a metaphorical use of Satanism to drive these ‘revolutionary’ social movements.

Thus while I find it interesting in the weeks following my poem’s posting that Russian Orthodox and right wing entities have increasingly come to relate cell phones and such technology to the enslavement of humanity and the rise of the so-called ‘Antichrist’, ‘Beast Computer‘, etc., these kinds of pronouncements are not how I view technology. Instead, I view such claims as further reference to the conspiratorial and ‘Satanic’ socially engineering views which define the very point behind the poem. It was just ‘art’ but I want to make it clear that as much as it may seem these ideas echo my views, they are actually represent what I am disparaging and are apparently put forth by the very (especially Russian Orthodox Christian) folks I consider to be the root cause behind such ‘antichristian’ anti-Semitism.

The current state of dualistic conspiracism, occult anti-Semitism, and false antichrist attributions are due to Russia. Period. Patriarch Kirill’s claims that the ‘antichrist’ will control people through smart devices and phones is both ‘true’ and blindingly deceptive, especially considering the clear Russian hand in fomenting these problems.


Smartphone users warned to be careful of the Antichrist

Far-Right Show TruNews Warns: 5G Technology Is the Antichrist

The Beast Computer in Brussels: Religion, Conspiracy Theories, and Contemporary Legends in Post-Soviet Culture

The Myth of the Jewish Menace in World Affairs

(excerpt on Yuliana Glinka, Theosophist who spread ‘The Protocols’ in book) “Politics and the Occult

Andrei Nekrasov: Deep Cover (Former) KGB – (Current) FSB Information Asset?; or Self Incrimination: The Russophobia Strategy?

One of the most compelling stories which got me interested in the idea of Russian conspiracies was the Andrei Nekrasov film ‘Poisoned by Polonium: The Litvinenko File’ (2008) (released internationally as ‘Rebellion: The Litvinenko Case’ (2007)); and to a lesser extent, Nekrasov’s prior film ‘Disbelief’ (2004). The documentaries stand out as poignant critiques of the Putin regime. As the title suggests, in the case of Poisoned by Polonium the emphasis is on the agonizing poisoning death of Alexander Litvinenko at the hands of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB). In the case of Disbelief, the film focuses heavily on the idea that the 1999 Moscow Bombings which brought Putin to power were some kind of an FSB provocation.

Since those films released, there has been considerable speculation about Nekrasov’s film : ‘The Magnitsky Act: Behind the Scenes’ (2016). The film has been roundly criticized in the West because it has called into question the idea that Sergei Magnitsky was a victim of the Russian state and instead posits some kind of Western conspiracy to discredit Russia. To this point, the release of the 2016 film caused The Daily Beast to publish an article: ‘How an Anti-Putin Filmmaker Became a Kremlin Stooge’.

Today I would like to explore the idea that Nekrasov has never been a Kremlin stooge, and perhaps he has been a willful agent of the Russian secret services all along, despite the clearly anti-Putin content of his earlier films.  I will also present the idea that Russia has set out to discredit itself in order to achieve a strategic objective. Counterintuitively, Nekrasov’s 2004-2008 films seem to have aided and abetted a strategy of ‘Russophobia as a strategic narrative’. Hiding in plain sight is an idea which I have observed in the past regarding other plausible Kremlin assets. If I am correct, this seems to be one of Nekrasov’s favored approaches to filmmaking as an apparent clandestine officer of Russia.

Andrei Nekrasov: Self incriminating KGB agent?

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Evidence of an Apparent Russian Conspiracy Behind the ‘Bavarian Illuminati’ and Influence on ‘Revolutionary Art’

I haven’t got time to do a real report on this important subject in conspiracy theory but I’ve been away from the desk for too long. So I will synthesize some facts. The short idea is that Catherine the Great seems to have been considered an ‘enlightened despot’ by figures like Thomas Jefferson and Voltaire, but the apparent strategic aim was not necessarily the betterment of mankind, but rather the diminishing of the power of Russia’s 18th century rivals, Britain and France. While Catherine ‘talked a good game’ on democracy and abolition, the evidence is that under her, the serfs of Russia fared much more poorly. In a similar sense, it can objectively be seen that the Bolshevik Revolution and emergence of the Soviet state did not serve man any better either. (Additional background of pertinence can be found here.)

Catherine the Great as Minerva; Jean-Pierre-Antoine Tassaert (1774). Tassaert was a court sculptor for one of Barruel’s supposed French Revolution conspirators – Frederick the Great. Both Frederick and Catherine are considered innovators in the context of intelligence and disinformation (also see: ‘The Secret World‘ by Christopher Andrew which isn’t readily indexed on Google Books but can be found as PDF online. (I have the unabridged audio book, and it is great)).
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