Michael Moore is Warning About Another ‘Reichstag Fire’

Much like Alex Jones’ pre-9/11 claims which indicated the government was planning a ‘false flag’, or John Hogue’s pre-9/11 claims that Nostradamus had predicted that Osama Bin Laden was the ‘Third Antichrist’ in a way which may suggest influence by Russian information channels — Michael Moore has a history of proposing ‘false flag’-style conspiracies perpetuated by the US Government which may be similarly influenced. In this vein, I’ve already covered how ‘Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11 served a Russian propaganda narrative’ (it is worth noting that his 1995 flop Canadian Bacon explored similar ‘false flag’ themes).

Appearing on MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews on September 18 2018 to promote his new anti-fascist documentary Fahrenheit 11/9 (which released as a ‘flop’ on its opening weekend), Moore claimed that America is in for a new ‘false flag’ crisis which Donald Trump would use to curtail civil liberties in a fashion similar to the ‘Reichstag fire’; which was a 1933 crisis in Germany which brought the Nazi government to power.

The Nazis alleged that Communists had started the fire; whereas the Communists alleged it had been the Nazis. (Alex Jones had also used this example of Reichstag as a metaphor for his mid-1990s claims that the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing had been another such example of a Reichstag-like False Flag event by government authorities.)

Moore: “Talk about the [19]30’s in Germany. Is that Germany then was a very educated, enlightened cultured society, and it was one of the most liberal democracies in the world. And the Nazis won an election; and then there was a terrorist incident – the Reichstag fire – and Hitler said: ‘we’ve got to clamp down, we’ve got to ban these parties’ – and he consolidated power at a time that people were afraid. That’s what I’m worried about. That whatever happens under Trump – whatever national emergency – a real national emergency may happen – that we not allow him to take away our democratic rights because he has to ‘protect’ us. That’s what we have to be very, very cautious of when that point happens. So, I point that out in the movie, that there are these parallels. But as far as fascism, there was a book I read a number of years ago called ‘Friendly Fascism’ and the author said that the fascism of the 21st century would not come with concentration camps and swastikas – it will come with a TV show and a smiley face. And that is really how Trump and others like him are trying to commandeer the American public through this kind of propaganda.”

Suffice to say, I am not a personal fan of Trump’s politics. However, when the mouths of the Russian propaganda apparatus start to talk about ‘False Flags’ again, we better start to listen, after what happened on 9/11.

Just look at Alex Jones, who basically set up a conspiracy which blamed the US for actions committed by Russia and their Muslim terror proxies after 9/11. In the case of the Reichstag, the Nazis alleged that Communists had started the fire, and it was ‘independently investigated’ by one of the top anti-fascist propagandists associated with Russia in the 1930’s – Willi Munzenberg (who was the ‘handler’ of both the Hollywood Popular Front’s Otto Katz, as well as Orson Welles’ ‘political mentor’ Louis Dolivet). In this sense, the jury is still out on who really started the fire; and there could hardly have been a more biased person chosen to make the case that it was the Nazis — and not Communists — than Munzenberg, who was then one of the Communist Kremlin’s most senior propagandists.

However, perhaps such a view elegantly explains Michael Moore’s positions on the Reichstag fire and such National Security concerns as ‘The Patriot Act’ as derivative from his own Communist political leanings (especially when he railed against government surveillance of ‘communistic’ antiwar groups in the much-maligned ‘propaganda’ film Fahrenheit 9/11).

God forbid (when and) if another 9/11-scale provocation by Russia occurs; I will stand strongly by our National Security apparatus and you should too. If something happens, most likely it will be another Muslim-terror kind of provocation – or a significant cyber terrorism event carried out by Russia or one of its proxies (even trying to ‘frame’ a country like North Korea or China (as apparently happened with 9/11-era cyberthreats)). Propagandists like Moore will inevitably craft new narratives that blame the US for the event (sowing discord and chaos in the US which allows Russia freedom to operate). This would seem to be conceivable based on past events. Russia would apparently like little more to see America walk into a Thucydides trap with China in my opinion. 

In Mattis (and God) we trust.