First ‘MSM’ mention of bitcoin in 2010 connected it to WikiLeaks

Just a quick update of sorts to my original post on “The Bitcoin-Russian Information Warfare Nexus“, as I watch the bitcoin crash and note that Roger Stone paid a visit to the Ecuadorean embassy to drop off a  love letter card  to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

I forgot to put something important in my first post.

The so-called first mention of bitcoin in “main stream media” was in a PC World article in relation to WikiLeaks’ acceptance of the cryptocurrency as a donation in December 2010. At least that is the way bitcoin mastermind Satoshi Nakamoto seems to have seen it too.

“It would have been nice to get this attention in any other context. WikiLeaks has kicked the hornet’s nest, and the swarm is headed towards us.” – Satoshi Nakamoto

Much like how it was not apparent that WikiLeaks was a tool of Russian hackers in 2010 (although plenty of profile evidence of Assange existed linking him to worms, NSA hacks, etc. which were in Russia’s interest), maybe the same should be said of bitcoin today.

With the ample evidence which has emerged linking Russia to money laundering and bitcoin  since 2010, it would be wise in my opinion for regulators to think of bitcoin – like WikiLeaks – as “non-state hostile intelligence service” (plausibly co-opted by Russian cornering of the bitcoin market and as revealed by their propaganda initiatives (eg. ZeroHedge and RT)).

Bottom line, first mention of bitcoin in MSM was in relation to WikiLeaks.

Also, consider, given the chaos at Newsweek – and a history of employing anti-CIA guys like thisand like this – which could be construed as being editorially hostile to US interests; maybe we should start to think about how the IBT-era Newsweek might be functioning as a “hostile intelligence service” too. There are many parallels between the Moonies and “The Community”, including that Newsweek’s ‘spiritual leader’ David Jang was involved with both.

It is reasonable to suspect an intelligence connection given how opaque the activities of Newsweek’s management have been and how similar those activities are to those of the Moonies. “Real” news outlets don’t get raided. That first story about bitcoin and everything which has followed is playing right into Putin’s Cold War 2.0.