I guess Julian Assange can speak Spanish

Julian Assange has been granted Ecuadorean citizenship. I’ve often wondered if Julian Assange was the secret author of the 2001-era Sir Cam worm. Known as ‘the worm that spreads secrets‘ it came out in June 2001 and targeted the Government of Ukraine and the FBI. At the time, Assange was a pioneer in computer worms, and suspected in involvement in the 1989 WANK worm that attacked NASA’s Galileo mission. By 2001, Assange had already started WikiLeaks like platforms (leaks.org).

It is suspected that the author of SirCam was Spanish proficient because the emails it sent were generated in both English and Spanish. In the past, Assange has declined to admit whether he can speak Spanish for some reason. In order to get Ecuadorean citizenship, it would seem that one would have to have a command of Spanish since the Ecuadorean citizenship test is administered in Spanish and assesses both written and oral (‘intermediate or better’) Spanish skills (unless some exception was made in the case of Mr. Assange).

Of course that Assange could have picked the language up in his time in the embassy is to be suspected. But why on earth should he be evasive about his knowledge of Spanish unless it might implicate him in something? Would not existing Spanish skills have benefited his acceptance into the Ecuadorean embassy in the first place?

Again, let me emphasize his background as a leak pioneer, worm pioneer, and Russian influence asset (see high profile Ukrainian and FBI targets of SirCam). If SirCam’s authorship fits the profile of any well-known figure, it is Julian Assange.