Distancing my ‘Illuminati’ Poem from all the Recent Cell Phone Conspiracism and Disinformation Attributable to Russia

A couple months ago I wrote an ‘Illuminati poem‘ to encapsulate some feelings I had about how the online world is used to spread conspiracy theories.

The poem was sort of an honest reflection on the idea that despite increases in technology which would purport to bring us closer – these technologies can actually drive us apart. Despite better access to scientific knowledge – people consume conspiracy thinking on their computerized devices which is anything but scientific.

While ‘The Illuminati’ of Bavaria sought to better man ostensibly, their methods and those of later Communists were often overtly – and intentionally – “Satanic”. Russia seems to have both influenced the rise of Nazi fascism and fought against them by promoting deep anti-fascism through their Comintern fronts and cutouts.

Sergei Nilius’ Russian Orthodox and Okhrana-connected forgery “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” is specifically related to ‘antichrist‘. Despite ‘The Protocols’ being Tsarist, they were leveraged by the Soviets. In addition to this kind of anti-Semitism being a clear influence on the Nazis, the Gestapo modeled themselves on the Soviet Cheka (Okhrana successor in communist Russia) and later collaborated with the Cheka’s successor, the NKVD before and during the Molotov-Ribbentrop era. The Nazi’s race theories were derivative from the Tsarist intelligence movement Theosophy — and they even took the Swastika from Theosophy in all likelihood.

That these movements are in large part attributable to Russia should give anyone who gives such ideas credence, some pause.

The name of the poem itself: “Digital Conspiracy” was a reflection on Hegelian dialectic in a sense: and how 0’s and 1’s might as well represent extremes of a political left and right. How an ignorant flat earth mentality exists within such a modern dialectic spectrum as well (“Compact disc earth : the tapped phone, eternal contract from hell!“). How — like the Illuminati of the 18th century — it seems apparent that those who push these ideas may claim they are advocating for the advancement of humanity and society, but they are actually driving it towards a possible destruction.

The poem also attempts to go to lengths to relate Russia’s ‘playing of both sides’ especially within the context of anti-Semitism and Nazism; and how that may also relate to our present online condition. How the fruits of such supposedly ‘Promethean’ humanist movements and influence operations may lead to technologies which may ultimately be used against humanity (“light given flames – man’s ashes”?).

I’m not a deeply religious person, though I do believe in God and monotheism. I don’t believe God is responsible for just the good things – but also the bad things that happen too. It is all part of the plan in such a view. If it were not so, God would not be ‘omnipotent’. That said, especially within the context of the widely schismatic nature of our global religions — I have a hard time understanding how anyone can so passionately feel the church/religion they are born into (or come to join), or the nation they live in, or any aspect of politics/birthright can be seen as a ‘one true way’. Earth is a shared community we live in, and we have to accept our neighbors. We have to accept the good with the bad as well when it comes to the imperfection of our own existences. It is the whole of us which is humanity, not any one of us.

The world we live in is complex. It is a blend of perspectives, shades of gray — 0’s and 1’s together — not just one or the other. I feel that people need to realize this and make conscious decisions to accept wholeness of our reality. There is no atom without both electrons (,neutrons) and protons, afterall. The clear attempt to divide by extremes (or ‘Schizowarfare’) in a technological context is what I mean by “digital conspiracy”.

To me, ‘Satanism’ is an attempt to split this natural wholeness (call it ‘Tao’ if you will) into constituent parts which may be used for some entity, group, or person to withhold a perspective of complexity and exert control over groups of people. To promise both groups everything perfect which cannot possibly be so. To even try is the path to destruction.

Today in the online world, I see this approach largely done through the kind of ignorance which is reflected in the conspiratorial political perspectives of the extreme left and right. I see these activities as primarily being attributable to Russian influence.

I also tried to make the case that technology like rockets, nukes, and cell phones are those kind of knowledges which will eventually take us from the ‘Eden’ of earth into the stars someday. Given that these technologies are in some ways relatable to Nazis/WW2 tech, political ignorance, and malign influence, they can sort of be effectively related to an embrace of sin analogous to man falling from the grace of God and leaving the allegorical garden of innocence in the poem.

It is a metaphorical, rather than literal interpretation of how technology corrupts us.

Our use of technology doesn’t necessarily have to be so, although I do believe that if these entities are continually improperly utilized and managed, there is little argument that they could lead to our destruction as a species. It also seems quite possible that there has been at least a metaphorical use of Satanism to drive these ‘revolutionary’ social movements.

Thus while I find it interesting in the weeks following my poem’s posting that Russian Orthodox and right wing entities have increasingly come to relate cell phones and such technology to the enslavement of humanity and the rise of the so-called ‘Antichrist’, ‘Beast Computer‘, etc., these kinds of pronouncements are not how I view technology. Instead, I view such claims as further reference to the conspiratorial and ‘Satanic’ socially engineering views which define the very point behind the poem. It was just ‘art’ but I want to make it clear that as much as it may seem these ideas echo my views, they are actually represent what I am disparaging and are apparently put forth by the very (especially Russian Orthodox Christian) folks I consider to be the root cause behind such ‘antichristian’ anti-Semitism.

The current state of dualistic conspiracism, occult anti-Semitism, and false antichrist attributions are due to Russia. Period. Patriarch Kirill’s claims that the ‘antichrist’ will control people through smart devices and phones is both ‘true’ and blindingly deceptive, especially considering the clear Russian hand in fomenting these problems.


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