Well, that was awkward Russia (JFK document release)

Most people who know about potential Russian involvement in the JFK assassination know that Lee Harvey Oswald was married to a Russian, spoke Russian, spent time in the Soviet Union, met with both Cuban and Russian intelligence shortly before the assassination, and may have even left messages for his wife which contained KGB code words.

Today, Trump was about to release a bunch of documents related to the assassination which had been sealed. It seems that some of those won’t be released after all. Today, anyway.

Well, in a classic act of “breaking up first” so you don’t look embarrassed, Russia took the initiative to insist that they had absolutely nothing to do with the JFK assassination. I am sure we cantake them at their word on that one.

I guess we can infer what the content of the unreleased documents might entail.

Update 10/27/2017:  So we do see that the most interesting elements of the released documents relate to the Soviet Union.  In addition to seeing some new material which corroborates a connection between Oswald and KGB assassins, we see Russian intelligence sources which push a far right (fascist) conspiracy theory (about a homegrown assassination), comments about an unhinged Oswald,  and suggestions that a rogue US general could start WW3. (Let’s also not forget that Oswald had attempted to assassinate (unsuccessfully) a US general in the months preceding the Kennedy assassination. ) All of this fits with the evolution of the anti-fascist propaganda of the Soviets which was redirected at the USA, often chiefly directed at the KGB’s nemesis (the CIA).

Unfortunately, it seems what was chosen to be released was only partial, and much is likely the case on September 11, this partial information will continue to erode trust in the US government because essentially what has been released is giving credibility to dezinformatsiya.