The Shark and the Monkey: Hello Gabbard, Goodbye Avenatti, who will be the Wasserman(Schultz)’s Donkey?

For the purposes of this quick post, it is helpful that there is an African fable about a Shark and a Monkey; who are both liars and the moral of the story is you should trust neither one. (I have no problem with Debbie Wasserman Schultz, but the fable also relates to a ‘Washerman’s Donkey’ who is analogized as a fool which is a helpful analogy for a process seeking a nominee for the Democratic Party, and Tulsi Gabbard’s role within it.) Perhaps Michael Avenatti (our proverbial Monkey) has passed the torch of incendiary pro-Russian political strategy candidate to Tulsi Gabbard (our proverbial Hawaiian Shark). I hope so, she looks like a pretty easy target to destroy. 

Maneater: Something’s fishy about Hawaii’s first shark Congressperson, Tulsi Gabbard. I think I might have found my new Michael Avenatti.

I’m trying stay on top of the story that Gabbard has announced her likely foray into the 2020 field for the US Democratic Party presidential nominee. As such, I will also just quickly list the things which give me pause to date (that I am aware of) about her. 

  1. She is a ‘Syrian False Flag’ chemical weapons truther. This is a narrative advanced by many figures involved in ‘9/11 conspiracism’ and apparent Syrian-Russian propaganda operations. 
  2. She clandestinely met with Bashar Al-Assad; who is a proxy of Russia presiding over the deaths of hundreds of thousands in a bloody civil war. 
  3. She has been observed to have close ties to the BJP of Narendra Modi; which is a populist party in India that has aligned fairly closely with Vladimir Putin. I have been interested in the BJP for its repeated use of deceitful political prophecies, specifically those related to Nostradamus (and notably related to pro-Putin interpretations by Francois Gautier — beware his website, my network security appliance blocks access to it for malicious content). (Note Indian National Congress connection to Theosophy as well, which has a probable Russian intelligence origin related to a great powers struggle with Britain in the late 19th century.)
  4. Despite her apparently only saving grace being her military service, in keeping with the Russian propaganda angle, Gabbard’s been covered favorably in Veteran’s Today, a Russian propaganda outlet which is targeted at US Military personnel, which has portrayed her almost as a sex object. 
  5. Despite her military service in Iraq, working with Kuwaiti forces; rather than encouraging religious tolerance, Gabbard has repeatedly emerged as a strong (and divisive) critic of Islam. In keeping with her assertions that the US was not tough enough on ISIS (if not indeed supporting the Russian-Syrian-Iranian line that ISIS was created by the US in her critique of James Mattis), she criticized Obama (like Trump did) for refusing to use the divisive term ‘radical Islamic terror’.  (In this vein she has also aligned Pakistan-critical comments with the apparent position of the Indian government.)
  6. Gabbard broke with Debbie Wasserman Schultz and left the Vice Chair of the Democratic National Committee leadership role she had to support Bernie Sanders in the 2016 election, claiming the election was “rigged” for Clinton and that Wasserman Schultz was a liar. This arguably helped lead to Wasserman Schultz’ ouster. Essentially, it is clear she helped the Trump strategy. (Much like Trump supporters, Russia courted Bernie Sanders supporters and Bernie was a semi-regular RT guest.) It is clear that this position was based on the results of Russian efforts to hack the DNC. 
  7. Gabbard called Trump “Saudi Arabia’s bitch” for his response to the Jamal Khashoggi murder. 

This lady looks through and through like a modern day Communist radical in the pack of Russian-Syrian propagandists like Alex Jones.

More to come for sure as she establishes herself as some kind of Trump campaign kayfabe or Russian-Syrian propagandist in the race to the bottom in 2020. If Democrats choose someone like this, after already having been led to the lion by her in 2016 — and subsequently mauled by it  — they will surely establish themselves as the party of the ‘Washerman’s Donkey’ — that animal with no heart and no ears — deserving of what they get for their trusting stupidity.