Bashar al-Assad: Lisping Puppet of Russia

Bashar al-Assad recently gave a speech where he denied the Holocaust as well as promoted the idea that Jewish people in Israel are “Khazars”. Widely also reported was Assad’s claim that the US had enabled the Nazis.

Western editorial reactions to the speech primarily focused on Assad’s Holocaust denialism, and the denialism of the ethnicity of Israeli Jews via the Khazar conspiracy theory — and therefore a denial of the Israeli people’s Biblical right to Israel.

However, my primary reactions to the speech were to note Assad’s clear invocation of Russia’s cult of WW2 and ideology of victory as well as continued  parrotting of Russian nationalist ideas within a ‘narrative warfare’ context in general.

Another strong takeaway I had was that despite his argumentation that his narrative was the truth, Assad seems to feel that this war for “truth” does not necessarily correspond  to the true and the false. In this sense, that is much like the historical antisemitism which is represented by people who believe in forgeries like The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion despite all evidence they are inauthentic documents.

I imagined how funny it must have sounded when he said it:

….whoever winth the truth… Of courthe, the truth, regardleth of whether it is real or falthe, ith the one who winth the war and the battle.” – Bashar al-Assad (sloppy lisp emphasis added by the author)

Muppet Bashar al-Assad : Thupreme Leader of Thyria (AI generated)

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Russian Origins of the Vaccine Microchip Conspiracy Theory

I recently read an article which suggested that the conspiracy theory that vaccines contain microchips emerged following a March 18, 2020 Reddit AMA with Bill Gates [1]. In response to the AMA, biohackers began to write positively about the potential for chip-based medical devices to combat epidemics and deliver vaccines.

Within several days of the Reddit AMA, a Baptist pastor from Jacksonville Florida named Adam Fannin – known best for his anti-Semitic conflicts with comedian Sarah Silverman in 2019 – found one of these biohacking blog posts online. Fannin then developed it into his own interpretation of apocalyptic prophecy largely based on his “deep distrust of Gates”. Fannin made a 9-minute YouTube sermon which went viral and accumulated nearly 2 million views before it was taken down.  “The pastor titled the post, “Bill Gates – Microchip Vaccine Implants to fight Coronavirus,” adding one pivotal word to the biohackers’ title: vaccine.”[1]

Looking more deeply into the origin of the vaccines and microchips story, I think it is important to observe how it may emerge from and complement Russian Orthodox nationalist geopolitics and information warfare. Continue reading “Russian Origins of the Vaccine Microchip Conspiracy Theory”

The Usual Suspects: Sergei Nilus and Konstantin Pobedonostsev

Did you know that the same people who advanced the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion were also responsible for the near-simultaneous canonization of Seraphim of Sarov?  According to Sergei Nilus and Konstantin Pobedonostsev – two conservative Orthodox figures closely connected to Nicholas II -supposedly the venerable Seraphim had predicted the death of Nicholas II by Jewish (e.g. ‘Bolshevik’) elements; painting him as a Christ-like martyr.

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Faked False Prophecy: Clear Eastern European Influence on the 9/11 Hoax Prophecies

Immediately following the 9/11 attacks, several fake Nostradamus prophecies circulated on the internet claiming the 16th century seer had predicted the crisis. In addition to reflecting clear fabrications of Nostradamus prophecy, the 9/11 fakes also included apparent elements of Baba Vanga prophecy. Baba Vanga (d. 1996) was a Nostradamus-like Eastern European mystic who is “extremely popular in Russia”, and who according to Sputnik News, predicted the 2000 Kursk disaster, the 9/11 attacks, and even Vladimir Putin’s succession of Boris Yeltsin (Sputnik 2010). Continue reading “Faked False Prophecy: Clear Eastern European Influence on the 9/11 Hoax Prophecies”

Marxist Dracula meets Vlad the Impaler and the Propaganda Men

I wrote this paper about the connections between Russia and Dracula a year ago and thought I would get it published. It was kind of just an interesting ‘spin off’ of my research on Nostradamus. Now I lost interest in revising and publishing it, so it is for the blog.

Since I have written this, I have made some advances in my theory and personal understanding of anti-Semitism and antifascism. You may find it somewhat ‘primitive’ compared to my more recent analyses. But the nuts and bolts hold true in my opinion.

Marxist Dracula meets Vlad the Impaler and the Propaganda Men:

Dracula as Strategic Communications about Russia


Vlad Tepes, also known as ‘Vlad the Impaler’ and ‘Dracula’ was a 15th century Wallachian warlord whose brutality was immortalized in the stories of contemporary European publicists. These stories were brought to Russia and became the basis for Russia’s first belletristic text: “The Tale of Dracula”. The 16th century Russian Tsar Ivan IV (a.k.a. ‘Ivan the Terrible’) was a critical figure in implementing a cohesive Russian mythology, and he was equated with many stories formerly related to Dracula. The first English-language book which combined the concept of vampires and the historical figure of Vlad Tepes was Karl Marx’ “Das Kapital”. There is evidence that Marx influenced Bram Stoker’s conception of Dracula as a character. In the 20th century, film-makers have developed the concept of Dracula in ways which may undermine Stoker’s arguably Russophobic and anti-Semitic context while also introducing 16th century Russian mythology and modern geopolitics to the vampire story.

Keywords: Dracula, Antisemitism, Islamophobia, Third Rome, Propaganda, Russian History

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Fascism and Antifascism: Just Russia playing both sides?

There seems to be pretty good evidence that Russia exploits the extremes of our modern US political system in order to damage the establishment center (“playing both sides“) in ways which reciprocally advance Russian political and military interests. In a nutshell, this dialectic model of conspiracism forms the basis for my working theory of so called “active measures”.

I present to you that we should look to parallels in history to see this has quite likely happened before — specifically in the case of German fascism and Western antifascism.

Suspected Russian spy and Nostradamus promoter Helene Blavatsky — founder of Theosophy — was a strong influence on Nazi mythology. Note swastika imagery at top of graphic.

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The “4000 Jews stayed home on 9/11” conspiracy is Syrian government propaganda. What about the “false flag”?

This is a very simple case to make, so I will keep it brief and to the point. The simple fact is that the “4000 Jews stayed home on 9/11” conspiracy theory is provably connected to the Baathist Syrian government and Ministry of Information, and therefore it is relevant for our discussions on modern Information Warfare.

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