Dear Lord, Please let this is be the end of Michael Avenatti

In the course of capitalizing on an idea to develop the prior profile of Michael Avenatti as ‘Shamecrow’ which I felt complemented his representation of ‘Joker Julie’ (alias: ‘Cat Lady’) in the ‘D.C. Politics Universe’, I’d initially created a crude satirizing image of him in terms of ‘simianization’ – a form of cultural bigotry which dehumanizes racial ‘others’ through a caricature-like portrayal in terms of ape-like features. Simianization has been used to demean people of African descent, Asians, and even the Irish. 

I honestly felt the image was probably too controversial – or at least not appropriately controversial – a couple of weeks ago (in essence I thought the pussies would take improper offense and the assholes would like it for the wrong reasons). So I removed it from an early draft of the blog. But please, enjoy it now. It is officially appropriately controversial now.

Stepping on his own peel: Michael Avenatti finally crossed the line with his white privilege

I had done this simianization of Avenatti because he has consistently gone out of his way to demonize white men as something like marauding misogynist beasts with his rhetoric (see the ‘Shamecrow’ post).

There is no doubt that white people and especially white people in America have at times oppressed other races, so this is in no way an apology for that. But Michael Avenatti has behaved so hypocritically when measured against a wide range of his own positions, I felt it was important to show that he is likewise demonizing white people in the same way which white people have demonized other races in the past. Two wrongs don’t make a right, and just because someone is white, black, or the member of any protected class, it shouldn’t give them licensure to be an overt bigot in public and enable other bigots who may not be also members of that class, race, or ethnic group. 

Given that in a short media cycle which saw two separate criminal referrals brought against Michael Avenatti and Julie Swetnick for making plausibly false statements to the  Senate Judiciary Committee, a court ordered-eviction of his law offices, a court-ordered $4.85 million payment to a former law firm contractor Avenatti defrauded, and even the dismissal of one of his cases against Donald Trump in which the judge ordered Stormy Daniels to pay the President’s legal fees — it was not any of these points which seemingly dealt the biggest blow to Avenatti — but rather public outrage about his declaration that the 2020 Presidential nominee of the Democratic Party had “better be a white male“, I had to bring back the picture since it was almost too fitting to watch Avenatti devoured by the very ‘shame mob’ he’s so aggressively courted.

If Hillary Clinton was called ‘tone deaf’ when it came to reading the public sentiment, then Avenatti is not the Nostradamus of the legal scene, he is perhaps better called a Beethoven-like maestro of absurd political debacles.

It all seems fitting and ironic if he does ‘implode’ this way for his hypocrisy as a white man who divides culture by attacking white men. But honestly, I’ve just had enough of following this bozo and it reflects very poorly on people who still take him and his clients credibly. I’m sincerely hoping I won’t have to write about him any more. But if Democrats stick by him, they will apparently get what they deserve too.

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